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You may have noticed that posts were a little scant on the blog this week. Between wrapping up nearly a dozen Etsy orders, drafting another story for Prodigal, celebrating bff’s birthday, celebrating rare 70 degree days in March in Chicago, and a busy week at work, the blog was low on the priority list. Nevertheless, here are a few things I did get around to reading.
What are your thoughts on Pinterest?

“Rather than constantly pondering whether our reach is ‘big enough,’ we should also be looking at the depth of our actions.” – Jess Constable.

20 Things to Know in Your Twenties.

10 Reasons to Love.

“I pray He’ll draw them in, whisper to them that they’re worth it.”

Inspired By.

The stars were quiet. The river spoke in some other tongue, some vernacular for fish.
- Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz

I’ve just finished Miller’s spiritual memoir (in preparation for seeing the film adaptation in a few weeks!) and I really loved the heart of it, and the writing was so good; this small passage is one of many that I found absolutely delicious. The words latched themselves to my memory instantly. I continue to roll those phrases over and over in my mind like candy on the tongue, savoring their flavors. That’s why I lovedthis post from him about using verbs versus adjectives. His sentence is a perfect example of that principle at its best.

While I pick up the pages of this novel, here are some good reads for you to explore.

…to the seedling on the sill. I am the small, green heart, all bud and shoot and tendril.
(Poem discovered thanks to Sam‘s tweet.)
Worst movie of all time? Hard to narrow it down to just one.
Good advice from a dad and a grandpa.
I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the woman I wanted to be.” – Diane von Furstenberg via The Everygirl.
[Photo and excellent reflection on Blue Like Jazz here.]

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Le sigh. I just drove my best friend to O’Hare so that she can catch her plane to Paris for an international pastry-making competition. I die of jealousy, but I’ve had my turn already, nearly four years ago. It’s her first time traveling internationally, so I’m happy for her. I’ll go back someday, right? Right.
Meantime, I sit in the quiet of my little apartment in the Chicago suburbs as the sky begins to fall in big white chunks – a late winter snow storm that I could do without. I hate the Midwest in March for the hangover-like feeling it leaves on dreary afternoons and its unpredictable swings in climate. It was fifty degrees and sunny only two days ago. I’m ready to bare my legs in a gauzy dress and go without a jacket and feel sun on bare skin and sit outside on my porch late at night.

For now, I guess I should use it an excuse to brew an extra mug of earl grey and settle in with my current read. Yes, that sounds like a good idea… Happy weekend, loves.

There are few things in life as romantic as dating your spouse.
Not Heaven someday, when we get there, but right now, right here.
Praise God for transition.
Beautiful words about my favorite city.
Doesn’t this book look like a juicy read?
Then trying to get back in… which makes me want to read this book.

Inspired By.

I’ve fallen in love.

It started innocently enough… A friend introduced me to him at a Starbucks on a rainy day. We acquainted ourselves over London Fog lattés, and now the more I get to know him the more I realize I cannot live without him. His name, you ask?

Earl Grey. 
There’s just something about his flavor and scent, a citrusy fog that is musky and deep like the best kind of cologne, that brings all of life to a low hum. In his presence I find myself unwound, loose and swoony and deeply content in the way that only a dashing British gentleman can do to a girl.
This love affair has gotten out of hand, but like any true romance, it’s a helplessness I enjoy. My best friend further enabled this relationship by making an Earl Grey Panna Cotta for dessert last night… yes, the best tea in the world transformed into creamy spoonfuls that are even more satisfying than the best tiramisu you can imagine, the epitome of relaxation and luxury.
And on a rainy snowy afternoon at the end of the week, what could be better than a cup of Earl Grey and a good read? Treat yourself…
Authenticity online : on abs and imperfections and the worst two months ever. (Love these women.)

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Friends, my blog reader is feeling a little stale. It’s like going to my closet full of clothes and sighing, “I have absolutely nothing to wear…” This a complete lie, but it’s just that feeling that nothing feels new or particularly exciting that makes me feel a little… ennui. The truth is, there are some great pieces in my “favorite blogs” closet, and I love them, and I’m absolutely going to keep them around, but I’m ready to do a little shopping!
So give me some good deals, okay? Tell me : what’s your favorite blog? Leave your favorite in the comments.

My one criteria is not that you share a writing blog, but that you share a blog that has good writing. There is a difference, don’t you think? It has to be a good read. And please, make sure it’s one that’s easy on the eyes. If the design is terrible (i.e. too crazy colors and backgrounds, ridiculous and unreadable fonts) I will immediately click away from it and won’t bother reading. See? The clothing analogies are endless when it comes to blog shopping!

Despite my restlessness, here are a few that I’ve found this week that did catch my attention.
“A study published last month in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social  Networking found that the more time people spent on Facebook, the happier they perceived their friends to be and the sadder they felt as a consequence. What we’re losing, Ms. Turkle said, is a healthy form of compartmentalization.” – About over-sharing and over-obsessing in social media.
And let’s differentiate between “thinspiration” and “healthspiration,” otherwise known as the dark side of Pinterest.
The academy is always late to the party (but Adele still deserved the sweep.)
“While I waited, I kept writing.” Great advice about submitting book proposals to publishers.
And what’s your writing routine? I’m still working on mine.
Can’t wait to explore your links! Have a good weekend, friends.