Hi there, friends. I’m Bethany. I’m a writer by profession and by passion, though I work a few different jobs to make ends’ meet. I live with my sweet husband in East Nashville, TN.

This blog has seen me through a lot of major life transitions since I started it in 2009 – graduating college, beginning a career as a copywriter, getting married, losing my mother to cancer, and most recently, moving cross-country from Chicago to Nashville. I grew up in Michigan, but I moved to Chicago to attend college, where I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications & Writing from Judson University.

These past few years have been a series of deaths and rebirths for me. Mom passed away in January 2012 after living with breast cancer for 14 years, and her illness and death have shaped who I am, for better or worse. I was raised in a very conservative evangelical home, but in recent years I find myself on the fringes of that faith I was raised in. I’m a feminist, and may in fact be what my family always referred to as a “bleeding heart liberal.” Most of them still love me anyway, just as I love them. I’m still coming to terms with what all of this means for me and my faith.

Through it all, the idea of transformation – of my self, my faith, and my writing – has stuck with me, thus the “writing & righting” theme of this blog. I write to process life’s seasons, to unearth the sacred in the ordinary, to discover grace in the midst of grief, and to share the revisions and shifts in perspective I discover along the way.

These are the pieces of my transformation story, and here is where I share praise and lament for the deaths and rebirths, drafts and edits that are shaping my life.

Much love,