Inspired By.

The stars were quiet. The river spoke in some other tongue, some vernacular for fish.
- Donald Miller, Blue Like Jazz

I’ve just finished Miller’s spiritual memoir (in preparation for seeing the film adaptation in a few weeks!) and I really loved the heart of it, and the writing was so good; this small passage is one of many that I found absolutely delicious. The words latched themselves to my memory instantly. I continue to roll those phrases over and over in my mind like candy on the tongue, savoring their flavors. That’s why I lovedthis post from him about using verbs versus adjectives. His sentence is a perfect example of that principle at its best.

While I pick up the pages of this novel, here are some good reads for you to explore.

…to the seedling on the sill. I am the small, green heart, all bud and shoot and tendril.
(Poem discovered thanks to Sam‘s tweet.)
Worst movie of all time? Hard to narrow it down to just one.
Good advice from a dad and a grandpa.
I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the woman I wanted to be.” – Diane von Furstenberg via The Everygirl.
[Photo and excellent reflection on Blue Like Jazz here.]