Poem: For the Apple

For the Apple. 

I delight in the crispness of an apple,
 my lips wrapped around smooth skin
 and pure, sweet flesh
 broke open between my teeth. 

To hold it in my hand, 
 the weight of it reminds me, 
 the gleam of green skin reminds me 
 of growth 
 of goodness
 of briskness and autumn
 of contentment 
in the order and seasons of things. 

and rain
and leaves of trees
then blossoms bursting to this new thing,
  this sweet new thing,
ready for the picking, 
for the plucking,
for the grip of my fingers,
for my lips on its skin
for my delight in this gritty, delicious 
  nectar of nature 
  and newness of life. 

In one sweet moment, 
I hold goodness in the grip of my hand.

  • http://joebunting.com Joe Bunting

    Agreed. Death is the only guarantee about life, the common denominator for every person, the universal theme. It’s not surprising we’re so intrigued by it, so interested in finding words to describe it.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, Bethany. 

    • http://www.bethanysuckrow.com/ Bethany Suckrow

      Thanks for your comment and for your post, Joe! It immediately prompted a lot of thought for me.

  • http://aparchedsoul.com/ Grayson Pope

    I think death is so popular because it uncovers the truth about humanity: we’re all in search of something spiritual. What I mean is we all want to know what will happen when we die. The only reason we would ask such a question is because we’re concerned with our souls and what will become of us.

    • http://www.bethanysuckrow.com/ Bethany Suckrow

      Good point, Grayson, and I totally agree with you. And like Joe said in a previous comment, it’s the common denominator for everyone.