Valentine’s Day : Lovelinks

The thing I love about stories is how long I carry them with me after I first hear it. I come from a family of story tellers. Each memory is told and retold until it becomes part of the fabric of our very lives. Stories, I think, help us cope with life on many levels. It’s why we love books, film, television, art – they reflect life at it’s most intense, it’s most poignant. The truth behind each one is an underpinning that holds our lives together, weaves them into something bigger than just ourselves.
And isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about? Stories remind us that truth is real, love is real, humanity is good. A good love story will keep your heart afloat when life overwhelms you.
So here is a list of lovelinks to inspire you and remind you : Hallmark didn’t invent love, but they did give us one more excuse to celebrate it.
Leigh’s blog series : This is How We Met.
Wondering what to say to a broken heart today? Take these sweet suggestions.
Girls : Swoon over the return of the nice guy.

Never waste a rubbish relationship.

“Because what is love? It’s friendship — deep, long-lasting, intimate connection with someone who knows you better than anyone.” The best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
Okay, let’s be honest : Valentine’s Day does have some strange origins that have nothing to do with candy hearts or greeting cards.
“Love poetry is the only type of poetry that can be put into practical use” — which is to say, it supposedly results in ‘spirit becoming flesh; words becoming deeds; the two of you hopping into bed.'” – Celebrate the practicality of poetry and put it to good use with a few of these :
“My love has two lives, in order to love you…” Just found this beautiful love poem from Pablo Neruda, and the sentiment of it sort of reminds me of this song that I can’t stop listening to.
A funnier kind of love poem : “You had me at no duh.”
And remember this sweet love letter? Write someone a love note today.
And in case you missed these : my husbanda Zeppelin shirt, and a good date idea.
Xoxo, B.
  • Shawn Smucker

    Thank you for the mention, Bethany. Keep seeking grace.

  • TGL

    Great link to preston’s post.

    it is indeed good to be alive :)

  • Melody Heide

    1) I love your Friday Inspired By. posts. 
    2) I needed to read the “This Is My Kingdom” blog post as I’m going through (another) blog identity crisis.
    3) I found grace this week in a rainbow that appeared over Lake Superior after massive flooding here in Duluth, MN. 

  • Christopher Johnson

    The bloom only tells of the resiliency of life itself. One sees the harshness of the environment and expects the worse, but is pleasantly surprised to find that life still goes on (and shows it so brilliantly).

    Thank you for your perspective,

  • Hila

    Thanks so much, I appreciate this, and your kind words.

    I agree with the five stages of publishing rejection. Rejection in the past is what led me to work harder and eventually get a book contract. Hard work always results in something in the end.