Guest Post | Conversations with Ourselves.

Today I’m over at Preston’s blog, returning the favor for his post a few weeks ago. Subject? Conversations with Ourselves, in which I imagine : if I could go back, what would I tell myself…

“My heart feels heavy and a wave of exhaustion washes over me. I stare at the page, but the words won’t sink in. I yawn and lean back and close my eyes for a moment.

And then my closet door opens, and she is standing there.

I am surprised, jaw open. Harry mid-spell tumbles to the floor with a thud. It takes me a moment, cogs turning wildly at the unfamiliar familiar, but then I see it, like a stereogram, a cosmic optical illusion, a wrinkle in time, Hermione’s time-turner is real : she is me, but I am not yet her.

‘Can I join you?’ she asks.” (Keep Reading)